1. Be in a good mood;
  2. Minimum age 18+ (ID Required);
  3. You will be searched;
  4. Entrance will only be granted after search;
  5. During the event it is not permitted to leave the venue and come back, unless the visitor returns in possession of a new ticket;
  6. Hard or softdrugs are not allowed. The security will search every visitor thoroughly and all drugs will be taken. Individuals with too many drugs will be handed over to the authorities;
  7. No weapons allowed;
  8. No fireworks allowed;
  9. Its prohibited to bring your own food/ drinks;
  10. Anything containing propellants are not allowed (perfume & deo);
  11. No aggression or racism allowed;
  12. Any form of a group expressions is prohibited;
  13. All the visitors of our event are entering the venue at their own risk;
  14. No professional photo/film/audio equipment allowed;
  15. Portrait rights: during this event there can be filmed, photographed and audio recordings can be made. These images or audio recordings can be used as publication;
  16. No rights can be derived from these images or audio recordings;
  17. Access is at your own risk. If you are not feeling well or you want to ear protection, please visit the first aid (EHBO);
  18. Follow instructions from security, staff and emergency services;
  19. When entering and leaving the event, visitors should not cause inconvenience for local residents and nearby environment;
  20. Visitors should follow instructions and regulations or directions of the organisation at all times.